Monday, May 4, 2009

Tramp Stamp Barbie

In an effort to drag an iconic plastic classic into the toy version of Girls Gone Wild, Mattel has launched "Totally Stylin'" Barbie. I'm guessing that Ken will be along with that missing "g" any time now.

Complete with stickers that you can apply to the small of her back, "Totally Stylin" Barbie is the perfect role model for your young daughter...assuming you want your little girl to be objectified and branded to feed the carnal lust of men.

I'm sure you're ok with your spawn seeking male approval for things other than her mind, her personality, her compassion.......

Hey, the kit even comes with a little fake tattoo gun so your little princess can practice marking herself up now. Score!

Tattooed Barbie: You're No Daughter of Mine! via Geekologie

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