Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Kid's BMW?

Growing up in northern Appalachia, we got by without much in the way of expensive, fancy things.

Patches on the knees of our jeans, canned beets and liver for dinner, and running around playing Army by carrying sticks for rifles and rocks for grenades was how we rolled. And we turned out ok, mostly.

So if I see even one kid motoring through my subdivision on this toy BMW roadster, I'll creep over to his or her house that night under cover of darkness and swap it out for a nice birch limb and two petrified dog turds.

Kids today need to know that it's ok to grow up poor. It's hard for them to see that through their Gucci sunglasses, and they don't hear me when I try to tell them because of their Bose acoustic sound-deadening headphones.

Kid's BMW roadster starts your child on the fast track , via Dvice

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