Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pee is the new Tang

I can recall watching the astronauts blasting off from Cape Kennedy in their rockets and watching Walter Cronkite talk about what they were doing as we gazed, mesmerized by the poor quality black & white video beaming from space.

Even though it tasted lousy, we would nag our mom to buy Tang, because the commercials said it was what the astronauts drank, and we wanted to be just like those fuzzy, flickering, colorless images from the sky.

So how disgusting must Tang taste if today's astronauts are drinking water that's been recycled from their own pee instead?

The guy in the middle isn't giving a thumbs-up to the taste, either. He's grimacing and wondering who had the vacuum-packed asparagus for dinner.

Astronauts Drink Urine, Love Every Drop , via Geekologie

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