Sunday, September 26, 2010

Age of Denial

I think Peter Daou is right:

America is in an Age of Denial, a time in which intolerable injustices are widely ignored, from preventable hunger, poverty and disease to irreversible environmental destruction to the global oppression of girls and women.

It is an age where wealth disparities are at record levels, where a war based on lies and deceptions that resulted in unimaginable carnage is heralded as a success, where the assault on basic rights and liberties is greeted with a yawn — if not a cheer.

Friday, September 24, 2010

ATM Keypad Shielding

If you're not shielding the ATM keypad before entering your PIN number, this video will demonstrate the error of your ways.

With the use of card skimming devices on the rise, and given the public's inability to determine if an ATM has been compromised, shielding the keypad is one of the only defenses available.

Via Gawker

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ask Not For Whom The Football Tolls

When did I become the guy who stays up past midnight to watch both halves of a Monday Night Football double-header, knowing my alarm goes off a 6?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wealth, Religion, and David Brooks

Matt Taibbi is poking at David Brooks again, but I happen to agree with this particular passage:

A few weeks before that I tried on a friend’s recommendation to get into Entourage and gave up after it struck me that it was the same show as Sex and the City – a drama about a foursome of impulsive yuppies with lots of disposable income who spend half of each show buying brand-name consumer products to make them feel better about having no brains/soul. And the plot of pretty much every reality show is the same: ordinary middle American Joes with poor taste meet silver-tongued, fake-boobed Hollywood/New York shopping expert, who tells them what a shitty house they’ve been living in and what ugly shoes they’re wearing, and hands them a bunch of cash so that they can shop themselves back to superficial respectability. The public seems to have a limitless appetite for this awful stuff, which makes me wonder if it’s possible to clinically diagnose an entire country with depression.