Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Head, Small Hair

I've been losing my hair since my mid-20s, and it's caused very few problems for me. In fact, the biggest complaints I've had are:
  1. Big, fat raindrops hurt when they thwap into my skull
  2. There's only one Wii character icon that's balding - you're either a chrome dome or you have hair on the sides with the landing strip of bare in the middle
But the Japanese have been on the case, undoubtedly so assuage Wii players like me, and have discovered via mouse research a gene that appears to control "cyclical hair loss".

The same gene apparently exists in human skin samples, so it's possible that the research could eventually lead to experimentation with "Hair Club for Mice" that might someday be applicable to yours truly.

I'm not sure how I feel about having mouse hair, so let's hope the science progresses nicely.

Japanese Study: Balding mice could contain the culprit for hair loss

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