Sunday, May 17, 2009

Study Ball

When my two older kids were in middle and high school, one of their pet peeves (and certainly a crime against humanity in their eyes) was the family rule that they needed to spend one hour each weeknight at the dining room table, doing their homework. If there was no homework, the time was to be used studying for upcoming exams or reading something of their choosing.

If we could have had access to the study ball, I'm certain they would have used it to justify their belief that the hour rule qualified as cruel and unusual punishment.

The study ball is programmable, allowing up to 4 hours to be input. Once a time is set, the manacle will not open to allow removal from your ankle area until the time expires. Brilliant.

The inventors should look to improve this product by making it applicable to a wider range of timekeeping events, like video games, using the phone, and sullen teen behavior. When the time expires, how about a Jackass - The Movie style electronic stimulator shock that kicks in?

What? Too cruel? C'mon, I know some of you parents out there are with me on this.

Study Ball Makes Sure You Study , via Neatorama

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