Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Do People Hate "Moist"??

Via Boing Boing, a posting on the words that people like, and the words that people hate.

"Moist" surprises me as a word to be hated. Why "moist"? What did "moist" ever do to anyone, other than make them, well, moist?

Many people feel quite strongly about moist — there's even a Facebook group called called "I HATE the word MOIST!" with more than 300 members. One Facebooker calls moist "possibly the worst word in the English dictionary," while another says, "I despise the sick, repugnant word!" It's hard to top the aversion felt for moist, but some other Visual Thesaurus "least favorites" can provoke similar reactions: panty/panties, vomit, ointment, and slacks.

I'm just happy when people use full sentences that are grammatically correct. I'll get around to nebbing on their choice of words later.

Moist, and other words people dislike

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