Thursday, May 7, 2009

Floor Worm to Roomba: Let's Dance

We seldom use our Roomba floor vacuum, mainly because it doesn't do a very good job, plus it freaks out the dog.

That said, as we contemplate moving to solid wood flooring instead of carpeting, the Fukitorimushi might come in handy.

Looking and acting freakishly like a floor-cleaning worm, the Fukitorimushi, designed by Panasonic, slithers around your floors, wearing an absorbent cloth coat to soak up spills and clean any nasty grime that you've ignored.

Via Dvice, there's also a creepy video of the Fukitorimushi in action, in case you were looking for an excuse to sit wide-eyed in bed, listening in the dark, dark night to the eerie sounds of Japanese cleansing.

Sweet dreams.

New worm-like floor-cleaning robot threatens Roomba's dominance

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