Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wiener Sean Hannity Knows Elitist Burgers

I'm still waiting for Sean Hannity to be waterboarded for charity like he promised two weeks ago.

Instead, the FOX News gasbag is spouting off about President Obama's choice of burger condiments.

Hannity, who likes to chow down on a tasty stew of illegal Mexicans, Rev. Wright references, and Karl Rove's ass-sweat, made a stink out of Obama using dijon mustard when he stopped at a burger joint for lunch with Joe Biden.

Hannity went so far as to play the old "Grey Poupon" television commercial in an attempt to portray Obama as an aged, America-hating rich guy who could have anything but instead chooses to eat burgers in the back of his limo and nag strangers at traffic lights.

Pardon me? Do you have any common sense?

Gawker: Obama Orders Burger With Elitist European Condiment

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