Sunday, May 31, 2009

Music and Life

Via PreciousMetal - for my daughter, who graduates from Ohio University in two weeks. Stop worrying and enjoy the music, Bear.

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  1. beautifully put

    Childhood is a journey, not a race, so why should the rest of life be any different?

    The closer we travel to the end of our lives, the more we are apt to look back and critique the choices we made as we walked this path.

    One of the most important discoveries I've made in the past 10 years can be traced back to my daily interactions with my grandchildren: life is not what you accomplish in the workplace, nor is it what you can buy with the money you earn, but it is how much joy you can bring to each experience for yourself and your loved grandchildren ask nothing more of me than to "be here now" and I've found that when I apply that skill to everyday living, I go to sleep at night knowing that I've given my all and received all that I am due.

    It's a shame that our culture puts so much emphasis on material success that most of our lives are spent trying to attain only that goal. We miss so much beauty along the way and then wonder why having all that success is not enough when we finally reach our goal.

    Time is a precious commodity, ask anyone over the age of 60. Instead of questioning the path we chose, let's forge a new path for our children and grandchildren by teaching them to listen for the music, look for the beauty and stop to stare at a falling star once in a while.


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