Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Timer - Brilliant!

It's comforting to know that just as I've aged enough to not have to worry about having a new baby to look after, technology has come along to solve one of the problems that's been confounding sleep-addled parents for decades - it's time for what for the baby??

When did he/she last eat, or poop, or have a diaper change? Is he/she due for meds, or a nap? Keeping track of all this is a logistical nightmare, especially after a few weeks of interrupted sleep patterns, and it's silly to write it down, because you would undoubtedly forget where you put the paper, or you would use it to wipe up a spill of one kind or another.

Enter the Itzbeen baby timer, cleverly and literally named. Plus, it lights up so you can find it when you're stumbling around at 4 AM.

Itzbeen baby-timer remembers four important childcare facts , via BoingBoing

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