Thursday, May 28, 2009

99 Nose Balloons Go By

All of my kids hated that little snot sucker that parents use to siphon the boogers from their little nasal passages until the tots are old enough to grasp the concept of nose blowing.

I believe the official term is "nasal aspirator", although that moniker doesn't add much to make the device appealing.

So it's nice to see someone has come up with a creative gizmo to help kids clear out their plugged-up ears, and that it doesn't involve an oil-derrick style contraption attached to their head.

Nose balloons provide a mechanism for kids to puff air through their eustachian tubes, which helps to keep the middle ear clear. I wish I had one of these in my 20s, when I had so much middle ear trouble that I ended up with a permanent tube installed via surgery.

At least kids in my day understood the concept of "hold your nose and
blow." Kids today have it so easy.

Nose balloons for snot-headed kids, via BoingBoing


  1. As an E.N.T, I would like to prevent parents that using this device during a rhinitis may push the germs inside the middle ear through the Eustachius tube and generate an otitis! Never use it for clearing the nose.
    This device is used in Europe as a therapy for Eustachius tube stenosis under medical survey.

  2. Thanks, doc. Always happy to pass along expert advise!

  3. Hello would you please advise me from where I can buy such a medical nose balloon for my nephew. Unfortunatelly I live in Bulgaria and there is no way to buy it from there.
    Any suggestions are more then welcome.
    Thank you very much and have a nice day,


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