Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Annoys Steelers Coach

In his weekly press conference, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was probably already leaning to the Grinch side of things following Sunday's drubbing by the Tennessee Titans.

It was probably a poor decision by local broadcaster Bill DiFabio to reprise his annual visit as Santa, and if he didn't get the hint that he had worn out his welcome via the repeated audible sighs directed his way by Tomlin, perhaps Saint Nick can stuff some situational awareness in Bill's stocking this year.

According to SI.com, Tomlin originally went along with the gag, to the point where he invited DiFabio to the front of the room in Wahoo-burgh. But when Shecky DiFabio went on for over five minutes with a stand-up routine that took shots at the Cowboys and Browns along with cracks directed at his fraternity of broadcasters, Tomlin decided that enough was enough. Yoy!

He even tossed a football to DiFabio, lamenting "If that will get you out of here."

I'm surprised Tomlin didn't pull a "Slinging" Sammy Baugh, when Baugh grew tired of a defensive lineman jawing and taking dirty shots at him, so he instructed his offensive line to let the joker through on the next play.

This was in the days of leather helmets and no face masks, remember.

As soon as the ball was snapped, the defender broke through with a roar and began to gallop directly at Baugh.
Baugh remained calm, seemingly looking downfield for an open receiver, and seconds later turned and delivered a perfectly-spiriling rocket right between the eyes of the charging tackle, knocking him out colder than an Alaskan cod.

Between the loss to the Titans and Santa's faux-pas, I would hate to be the Cleve Brownies this Sunday. Umm-HA!

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