Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wheelbarrow on Steroids

I developed some pretty serious pipes as a teenager, hauling loads of cement blocks and railroad ties in an old steel wheelbarrow with wooden handles and an iron wheel - the kind of wheel that could be stopped dead by small rocks. Good times.

People today have no idea what we endured back in the old days (the 70s), and Honda isn't helping with their massively unnecessary Honda HP450 Power Carrier.

This faux-robot packs 5.5 horsepower and can carry up to 992 pounds, with tank-like treads and a mini-pickup truck bed.
I can see the neighbors looking on in awe as I chew up my front lawn using this garden Panzer to haul loads of mulch around.

But it's a shame that kids growing up today will be saddled with weak wrists and feeble forearms as they move mountains with one hand.

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