Friday, December 26, 2008

People Who Deserve It?

Are you thinking to yourself, "What is a person who studies Buddhism doing visiting a website called"

I'm curious, for one thing. And what better way to reinforce the Four Noble Truths or gain a better understanding of karma than to see what the competition is doing?

There is some rich material to poke through at this site, from Creepy Mall Santa to Passive Aggressive Emoticon User.

My favorite so far is Self-Important Bluetooth Guy:

Hey there buddy, I see you got one of those fancy cyborg ear attachments for your cell phone, you must be pretty important?

Oh, of course you’re not, you’re not even on the phone right now, instead your just walking around with a blinking light in your ear like a metro-sexual robot.
Honestly, unless you’re police dispatch, or air traffic control, there is no way you’re getting enough calls to justify sporting that glorified techno-earring 24/7. So do us all a favor take that “thing” out of your ear and rejoin regular society.
Otherwise, it’s open season, and our fist-to-face connection is one call that always goes through. Can you hear us now?
Generally, I get the impression that it's a site for folks to contribute what bothers them about humans in general. 

There's nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned snark. I've been known to fling some psychic knives at unsuspecting targets before, but I'm feeling much better now. A special prize will be awarded to anyone who can tell me in the comments what television show used that line as a running gag.

We're all interconnected on this blue marble we share, and we're gone in the blink of a cosmic eye, so let's embrace those special qualities that make us all unique contributors.

Our lives would be so much less rich without Guy Who Takes Office Magazines Into Bathroom.

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