Monday, August 10, 2009

Republicans: Extreme Makeover - Health Care Edition

Conservatives first trotted out Joe the plumber, a homophobic, bullet-headed, non-licensed darling of the right to speak as a small business anti-tax expert as part of their "Let A Buffoon Help Sink Your Election Chances In Two Months Or Less" program.

Their ploy was highly successful. John McCain went down harder than the Hindenburg.

With health care reform providing the requisite ants in their pants, conservatives are in need of yet another common man to serve as the voice of reason in a debate heretofore dominated by the elitists and their pesky "facts."

Enter Kenneth Gladney, a St. Louis area conservative activist whose current claim to fame revolves around being allegedly manhandled by SEIU union thugs outside of a health care event. Gladney is the new poster child for conservatism - a regular guy just looking to be heard, who has suffered multiple injuries in his quest to ring the bell of freedom for all to hear.

How can Republicans advance their position against the concept of reform that mandates health insurance that can be retained if someone loses their job, or that leverages a public option to help drive down costs while introducing choice of carriers?

Maybe they can roll out Kenneth Gladney, truth-speaker and regular guy!

What does Gladney have to say? For starters, he's collecting donations to help pay medical expenses incurred when he suffered his injuries.

Because he got laid off from his job.

And he doesn't have health insurance.


Only the GOP would have the audacity to leverage a spokesman who is in dire need of the very benefits they oppose. And only a conservative activist would be so blinded by ideology that he couldn't see the fallacy of it all.

Image by Rob Gallop via flickr

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