Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boycotting Whole Foods is Pretty Stupid

Y'know, it's getting a little tiresome, listening to left-wing activists who advocate leaping off of tall buildings as a form of protest every time they feel slighted by someone or something.

Did the CEO of Whole Foods say some misguided, silly things? Of course. Who among us hasn't?

But Radley Balko is spot-on:

Let me see if I have the logic correct here: Whole Foods is consistently ranked among the most employee-friendly places to work in the service industry. In fact, Whole Foods treats employees a hell of a lot better than most liberal activist groups do. The company has strict environmental and humane animal treatment standards about how its food is grown and raised. The company buys local. The store near me is hosting a local tasting event for its regional vendors. Last I saw, the company’s lowest wage earners make $13.15 per hour. They also get to vote on what type of health insurance they want. And they all get health insurance. The company is also constantly raising money for various philanthropic causes. When I was there today, they were taking donations for a school lunch program. In short, Whole Foods is everything leftists talk about when they talk about "corporate responsibility."
Image by That Other Paper via flickr

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