Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Doomed - Study Shows People Don't Understand Sarcasm

People who know me would readily admit that my porn star name would be along the lines of "Snarky O'Smart-ass", so this study, brought to you via The Daily Dish, leads me to believe I might be wasting my talent:

But it was Rockwell’s (2006) survey of sarcasm that I think produced the most interesting, recent findings in this area. Out of 218 respondents to her survey, 25 percent didn’t complete the question asking for an example of a sarcastic comment they remember making (perhaps 25 percent of us don’t use sarcasm?). Of the remaining 75 percent who did complete the question, only 45 percent of the people actually came up with a sarcastic remark.

An astounding 55 percent - 55 percent - of the people responding to the survey mistakenly thought they were giving an example of a sarcastic remark, when they really weren't. That's heartbreaking.

The study posits:

Sarcasm represents a difficult verbal behavior, and many speakers who attempt to use it, fail to accomplish their task.

So leave the sarcasm to we professionals. Mmm-kay?

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