Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passive-Aggressive Color Coded Coffee Cup Cleaning Chart

It's hard to pin down who is the most dickish in this scenario - the chick who whines about cleaning out the coffee cups, or the dudes who keep sanctimoniously snarking at her.

Shannon, can I swap my rostered coffee cup cleaning duty this afternoon for Thursday? I have been busy all day working, not looking at pictures of Johnny Depp on the internet, and not had time to familiarise myself with correct coffee cup cleaning requirements. I am happy to reschedule my meetings tomorrow to undertake a training session on dish washing detergent location and washcloth procedures with you if you have the time. I feel it would be quite helpful if prior to the training session you prepared some kind of Powerpoint presentation. Possibly with graphs. Will I need to bring my own rubber gloves or will these be provided?


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