Monday, August 17, 2009

No Health Care Crisis - Thousands Enjoy Camping Out for Free Medical Care

I've been following the incredible story unfolding in Los Angeles, where the Remote Area Medical Expedition has been treating massive crowds that have no medical insurance.

Created in 1985 as a volunteer organization to serve patients in the Amazon region, the 1,700 strong volunteer organization has taken to treating the needy in LA for the first time.

What an indictment of the sorry state that is our medical and insurance establishment. People are sleeping on the sidewalks overnight in order to be admitted when doors open at 6 AM. And these aren't just the homeless or destitute. Working family members figure prominently among those in desparate need of medical or dental treatment.

The next time you hear some windbag pontificating that we have the best health care system in the world, or that having a public insurance option is wasteful because private companies are willing to provide coverage, do your very best to swallow your rage and refrain from punching them in the face.

Instead, ask them why private insurances companies aren't already doing it, and hand them your cell phone so they can call their insurance company and member of Congress to lobby for better treatment of our citizens.

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