Thursday, April 2, 2009

Republican Comeback?

There's been much noise out of the GOP regarding how the NY-20 House election to fill the seat vacated when the incumbent was appointed to fill Hilary Clinton's Senate position would be proof positive that Republicans were on the comeback trail, and a Democratic loss would portend all sorts of bad news for the Obama administration and its policies.

Remember that?

As we sit here today, Democratic contender Scott Murphy has a 25 vote lead over Republican hopeful Jim Tedisco. With more than 150,000 votes counted, the Dem is in the lead in an area where Republicans hold a 70,000 person advantage in voter registrations.

The election will come down to several thousand absentee ballots, and the final result is anyone's guess. One thing is certain, however - if the Republican candidate can't cruise to an easy victory in an area where his party holds a significant edge in voter registrations, the GOP may want to reexamine just how successful this comeback is turning out to be.

I'm just sayin'.

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