Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Peekaru: The Creepiest Snuggie Yet

In this age of global warming, rising temperatures, and melting polar icecaps, we seem to have developed a fascination with all things fleece.

From the Snuggie to the Slanket, the hottest trends have revolved around being toasty, and let's face it - there are not a lot of ways left to market niche products around blanket technology that's been around since we used it to give American Indians anthrax a couple of hundred years ago.

That doesn't stop companies from trying, though, so we now have one of the more creepy incarnations - the Peekaru.

Part Teletubbie, part Sigourney Weaver / Aliens, the Peekaru allows you to cart around your little one in a disturbing and, one would imagine, way too warm way.

Better hope the Huggies hold up. I'd hate to see what a diaper-failure might look like.

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