Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lynis System and Security Tool for UNIX

Hack A Day reports that Lynis 1.2.6 has been released.

Unlike many assessment tools, Lynis doesn't provide just a view of the security posture of your UNIX system. With a scan that includes configuration checks, installed packages, and other key areas for the well-rounded sysadmin, Lynis will give you a holistic view of the challenges to be corrected, whether they are patch-related, improper configs that compromise system hardening, or existing malware dumps that somehow got past your defenses.

Like other good tools such as back|track, Lynis can run from a USB drive or a live CD/DVD distro, so you don't need to perform an install. Another benefit is that Lynis doesn't make changes - it just observes and reports, so you don't need to worry that you'll somehow disrupt your highly-efficient change management process.

Lynis 1.2.6 released - UNIX System and Security Auditing Tool

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