Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wear Headphones That Resemble A VW Beetle

I'm all for sound quality and pristine music-listening experiences. I draw the line at wearing headphones so astoundingly large that they rival the cans I sported listening to my 8-track player in 1978.

has the details on a new surround-sound headphone offering from Zalman.

The phones have a number of drawbacks, including the need to for an adapter to plug a separate cable into your computer's sound card for each channel. It also appears that you can't use these headphones with your iPod or other portable music device. Bummer.

verdict: The headphones fold up, but it looks like they're even bigger when they're folded up. How is that possible? It might be easier to just strap your Bose home theater speakers to your head. Might look better too.

Epically ugly surround-sound headphones

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