Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where Would Tea Baggers Cut The Budget?

One of the funniest things about watching the antics of the FOX News driven and rich-folk-funded Tea Bagger revolt develop has been trying to figure out what the hell their message is, since it seems to change from hour to hour.

I get that they are fed up with government bailouts and stimulus packages. I don't think any of us is thrilled about pouring billions into banks that give us the finger while we're doing it, but it seems like a better option than financial Armageddon.

Similarly, there's a lot of money being spent to build roads and bridges, but nearly every economist agrees that when the economy is in terrible shape, only the government can pump the kind of money into the system to get things back on track, and at least we're spending on things that will be around in twenty years.

What bothers me about the tea bagging crowd is that they are very vocal about what they are against, but nearly silent on what they are for. Ok, you tea-bagging don't like government spending? Tell me what you would cut.

Here's a graphic provided by Kevin Drum in his MotherJones blog that details where most of the federal dollars are spent. Are you going to cut Social Security? Defense spending? Medicare and Medicaid?

No? That only leaves 11% of the total budget left to trim. Are you really going to make a big difference by paring 15% off of the paltry 2% currently devoted to education? Not a big cost savings there. I'm sure that the federal retirees and veterans would like to hear how they can make do with less.

So put the friggin' tea bags down and get serious. Tell us where you would make budget cuts, or sit down and shut up. Unless you truly have no idea of the real reasons why you are protesting.

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