Monday, April 27, 2009

Do the Dew, Old School

For a limited time only, Pepsi is producing (and selling, I'm guessing) Pepsi and Mountain Dew containing....real sugar! Just like Grandpa used to drink while staying up all night playing shadow puppet games on the barn wall using candlelight.

Until they went with high fructose corn syrup that turned the nation into a blubbering cesspool of obesity, soda companies routinely used cane sugar to make sweet, sweet liquid love to us. But then, making money became more important than tradition and yummy in our tummy.

Reports indicate that the Throwback versions of both beverages make the current day offerings seem putrid in comparison, which means Pepsi will stop selling them as soon as the public gets addicted to them.

Just like the McRib.

Real Sugar: Mountain Dew 'Throwback'

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