Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GOP Racists: Takes One to Know One

In his NY Times column, Bob Herbert does an excellent job of pointing out the hypocrisy of the Republican party playing the "racist" card when it comes to the likely confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

It turns the stomach. There is no level of achievement sufficient to escape the stultifying bonds of bigotry. It is impossible to be smart enough or accomplished enough.

So true. Of course, like most things GOP, this takes me back to third grade, where the response to insults and accusations was occasionally, "Oh, yeah? Well, takes one to know one!"

That's how I'm viewing this whole thing. Republican's don't have a lot of credibility on most topics, but when it comes to racism, the student has become the master.

Here’s the thing. Suddenly these hideously pompous and self-righteous white males of the right are all concerned about racism. They’re so concerned that they’re fully capable of finding it in places where it doesn’t for a moment exist. Not just finding it, but being outraged by it to the point of apoplexy. Oh, they tell us, this racism is a bad thing!

Are we supposed to not notice that these are the tribunes of a party that rose to power on the filthy waves of racial demagoguery. I don’t remember hearing their voices or the voices of their intellectual heroes when the Republican Party, as part of its Southern strategy, aggressively courted the bigots who fled the Democratic Party because the Democrats had become insufficiently hostile to blacks.

Keep talking, GOP. Who needs an opposition party when you're self-opposing?

The Howls of a Fading Species

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