Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Solar Vest - Be a Well-Charged Geek

I thought it was weird when Dockers came out with the pants that had all sorts of pockets in which you could conceal your various and sundry electronic gadgets.

That was apparently only the tip of the nerd fashion iceberg.

I'm all for greening up the world, to the point of contemplating a hybrid for my next car, but I draw the line at walking around in a solar-collecting vest that can charge my personal electronics for me. First of all, too much sun exposure is bad for me long-term. Secondly - it's a solar vest! C'mon, man!

Besides, just how much solar energy can one collect while running for their lives from the bully mobs?

Solar Vest uses the sun to charge your gadgets, via Dvice

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  1. Funny thing...those that love technology so much to benefit from being able to charge said devices...they don't go outside...most live in a basement


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