Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rapist Priests Suffer Like Jews?

Joe Sudbay @ AMERICAblog:

So, that latest ploy for victimhood from the Vatican has backfired, big time. Yesterday, at Good Friday services, the Pope's priest, Raniero Cantalamessa, gave a sermon comparing criticism of the church over the child rape scandal to the worst of what happened to the Jewish people. Stunning really. The Vatican has tried to distance the Church from those remarks. But, the priest gave those remarks in front of the pope and his words were reported by the Vatican newspaper. That would be like Robert Gibbs making a statement in front of Obama, which was also posted on the White House website -- and have the White House say Gibbs wasn't speaking for them.

I don't have anything enlightening to say about the whole Catholic priest pedophilia legacy. It's wrong, it's been tolerated and covered up, and people are fed up with both the crimes and the hypocrisy.

Let's hope there's a special section in Hell reserved for everyone who either abused or failed to protect our young people.

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