Saturday, April 17, 2010

Politics and Poker - Wingers Go 'All In' With Right Network

I didn't think people were clamoring to see the chaps from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour sitting around a felt-covered table, dispensing their folksy brand of low-brow wisdom as they cheat at cards and ogle breasts while dimwits watched from the comfort of their own homes, but I was wrong.

Oops, my mistake! It's not the Blue Collar Comedy Tour at all. It's a program on the Right Network, coming soon. Because there's just not enough discussion about tickle fights, the tea party crowd, and that communist/socialist/Marxist/terrorist President Obama.

Nice to see Kelsey Grammer has found a home, since he can't seem to stay on my TV box for very long. Everyone knows the Goddamn left wingers own Hollywood!

I have a title suggestion for their next offering - Sit Around And Bitch: We Have Sand In Our Vaginas.

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