Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blippers Sharing Bites Them In The Butt

I never quite understood the business model or appeal of Blippy, a service that would tell the world what you bought and how much you paid, once you gave them your credit card information. I even wrote about it here.

John Pescatore points out that Blippers got what they deserved when it was discovered that Blippy leaked a bunch of the actual credit card numbers as an unadvertised part of their service.

While you’re grokking that, it also turns out the Blippy (it is really fun typing Blippy) (Blippy blippy BLIPPY) actually displayed your actual credit card number when it blabbed about your transaction, as reported here. So, now everyone could use your credit card, whee! More frequent flyer points!

Just as it is hard to feel sorry for the people whose houses burn down when they take the ashes out of the fireplace (which is sort of designed to safely store burning stuff) and put them in a trash can in the garage, or really be sad when “pet” tigers eat their “owner’s” faces, it is not easy to keep from bursting out laughing seeing Blippers (blippers blippers) suffer this kind of thing.

Hoisted on their own petard, eh?

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