Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Stay Classy, Ohio Republicans!

Via Daily Kos, a newsletter distributed by the Medina County Republican Executive Committee contains cave man reasoning for defeating the female incumbent, Betty Sutton.

I guess if you're not a black, lesbian baby killer, the GOP needs to play the June Cleaver card. Oh, how they wish it was still 1952.

I'm a little worried about the Beaver.

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  1. I'm just not sure what to say about this. For a moment I had to look down to make sure I wasn't wearing bell-bottoms, look over to be sure it was my iPod playing and not my 8-track, and turn on the TV to be sure Anita Bryant wasn't trying to sell me orange juice (look it up, youngsters:

    Put women back in the kitchen? Really? Perhaps someone should let these folks know that women never got to leave, they just went to work in ADDITION to retaining the vast majority of the housework (look it up, OH Republicans:

    Jeez. How do these guys ever get laid?


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