Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Man Hides From Cops in Vat of Poo

Don't do the crime if you can't do the slime.

Don't do it.

In Noble County, Indiana, Thomas Hovis Jr. decided that concealing himself in a vat of dog dukey was his best shot at freedom. Wanted on warrants that included methamphetamine and weapons charges, Hovis eluded a SWAT team and spent nearly an hour in the poop pit.

What's more, when pulled from the dog pile, Hovis resisted and was summarily stunned by a Taser before being taken into custody. Suffering from crap-induced hypothermia, Hovis was trembling so much that he required medical treatment. No word on whether that included a heartworm biscuit and testing for Parvo.

Hiding in a liquid manure pit may not seem like a good idea for everyone, which is probably as it should be. For Hovis, however, being in deep shit is all part of the game.

Police Sniff Out Meth Suspect's Manure Hideout

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