Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arizona - Home of the Looneys

There seems to be an inordinate amount of looney coming out of Arizona.

That's saying something, because the adopted homeland of CrankyPants McCain has long been known to suffer from prolonged sunstroke and poison cactus pricks. What else could explain the litany of strangeness?

Via Wonkette:

Despite its complete dependence on Big Government welfare water schemes and its many scenic environmentalist locations and plentiful Mexicans, Arizona has been America’s Wingnut Paradise for half a century. But by the 1980s, even Barry Goldwater was too subtle for the modern wingnut’s taste, so used-car salesman Evan Mecham served as governor for just 15 months. That was long enough for Ev to kill Arizona’s Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and make enough racist statements to cost the state $25 million in canceled conventions after a nationwide boycott was called by Stevie Wonder. Then a lot of other ridiculous stuff happened: Walnuts McCain releasing Sarah Palin upon the nation, the sheriff of Phoenix running pogroms against Latinos, the state officially endorsing racial profiling to finally clear its territory of Mexicans. What could come next? Oh yeah, birthers.

Arizona’s house of representatives on Wednesday passed a bill requiring candidates for the U.S. presidency to provide their birth certificate to the Arizona secretary of state. Ha ha, that’s surely not aimed at any particular president currently in the White House who will be running again in two years.

I suppose it's true that if you really are crazy, you don't think you are at all, so that might explain the inexplicable seriousness of Arizona's inanity. But I'm beginning to think there's a little more than lunacy at work.

With stances against illegal immigration (involving brown people), the birthing movement (involving a black person), backlash against Martin Luther King day (black person again), it's becoming abundantly clear that the Grand Canyon state would prefer a coat of whitewash on everything.

Or perhaps the entire state is just fuckin' nuts.

The largest chasm in Arizona isn't the one carved by the Colorado river. It's the distance between their old ideas and modern civilization.

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  1. Five words to demonstrate this is a well-documented, long-term situation:

    Wile E. Coyote: Super Genius


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