Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Toddlers Tweet With Twoddler

Fisher Price is trying to get out in front of social media for tots by launching the Twoddler, an activity center that allows your precious bambino to send pre-crafted Twitter updates to friends and family.

That's right - as soon as your preschooler knows 140 characters, they'll be able to renounce their right to privacy and begin contributing to the clogging of the Internet pipes.

Play with the picture of mommy and she'll get a previously-contrived message as a reminder that her special little deduction is being entertained by an electronic gadget while she focuses on her career.

Poke daddy's photo and off goes a tweet that jolts the old man awake as he sits at the corner bar, too ashamed to tell Junior that he's been jobless since the Lehman Brothers collapse and there's no freaking way he's staying at home and watching Blues Clues all day.

Via Neatorama

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