Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wonder What McCain Thinks About Afghanistan?

I seem to remember John McCain declaring victory in Afghanistan a couple of years ago. So why is he so borked up over President Obama's plan?

And why are people still listening to John McCain. He picked Sarah Palin, for Christ's sake.

David Gregory has really scored big in getting the angry senior to appear on Meet the Press this coming weekend to opine on what he would have done if he had won the election, which conveniently, he did not do, which makes it much easier to throw stones from the sidelines.

John Cole over at Balloon Juice has the right idea:

I, for one, have no idea what he might say. I wonder if he agrees with the guy who kicked his ass in the last election? No way he is bitter and that might cloud his judgment- the man ran the Straight Talk Express! What a score for journalism, Mr. Gregory!

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