Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Matt Taibbi - Onward Christian Warriors

Over at True/Slant, Matt Taibbi does his usual fine work in completely decimating David Brooks over his Obama's Christian Realism column in the New York Times.

Taibbi opines that Brooks is painting Obama with the very same religious warrior brush that he used on George W. Bush not long ago.

Brooks is a perfect example of the kind of spineless Beltway geek we always see beating the war drum at times like these. It’s because nebbishly little dorks like Brooks and Paul Wolfowitz and David Frum got their books dumped in high school that we end up dropping daisy cutters on Afghan sheep herds and shipping working class American kids halfway around the world to get their nuts blown off. That sounds like a simplistic explanation, but anyone who doesn’t have a keen ear for the pencil-pusher’s eternal quest for macho cred is going to have a hard time understanding Washington politics. Brooks’s columns have always been the easiest way to take the pulse of that particular dynamic, and it sure seems now that bureaucratic momentum for intervention and more intervention is re-inflating the chests of these Beltway generals.

Let's hope that Taibbi isn't misreading Obama, because the last thing we need is yet another administration that believes the US has a religious mandate to kill people in other countries.

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