Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trends That Need To End in 2K10

Natasha Vargas-Cooper has compiled a scintillating list of things she believes have outlived their usefulness and she's recommending that 2010 be the year that these cultural inanities be banished from our collective consciousness.

What sort of insipid things, you ask?

Ed Hardy

There was a 2012-style explosion of this gaudy, bedazzled bullshit in the middle of this year. What? How did this fashion line gain any traction? Who said, “Yes. I would love a tiger covered in glitter sprawled over some Microsoft Word Olde English font across my too-tight-around-the-belly-T-shirt?” Honestly, who said this? I would like their home address and a list of their fears.

Reality TV-hating

Criticizing reality television is just an overly simplistic way of saying that people themselves are gross. People have been gross forever! From Spartacus to Nitro, people have been gross. Are murderers like the Megan Wants a Millionaire psycho worse MURDERERS because they also go on reality dating shows? Are bad parents—who should just be abusing their kids in their own home, like the Heenes—somehow worse child abusers because their crazy balloon boy minds are trying to get them on television as well? Sex-slave dungeons are no less dungeon-y when the dungeon master is on TV! All reality TV does is put a big old spotlight on all the sordid behaviors have always existed.

Check out the entire posting for more goodies. The only thing that worries me is what cultural insanities will take their place.

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