Saturday, January 17, 2009

Screw the Poor

As more bleak economic news streams from the faucet like toxic waste (Circuit City's 30,000 now unemployed workers adding to the millions of job losses in the past year), you can always count on some wealthy jackholes with more money than sense to give us a sign that they're above it all.

In my December 2008 post Shopping Cowards, I detailed some of the absurd measures some rich folks were taking in order to support their addictions to consumerism.

Special salons or boutiques have sprung up that allow guests to splurge in anonymity, because no one wants to be branded as insensitive when the peons in the unemployment line see you strutting past with bags from Gucci, Prada, or Tiffany & Co. to load into the back of your limo.

This time the signal comes in the form of a "I'm still rich" tshirt. Classy.
If the message alone isn't enough to make you want to employ the nuclear option in class warfare, then the price tag might push you over the edge - a stunning $2695.00, more if you want it in trendy, soul-numbing black. is the outlet for this nonsense, and I'm certain that this offering will drive traffic their way, even if they don't sell a lot of shirts. Since it would be un-American to suggest tracking down everyone who purchases a shirt, let's see if we can make the free market work again by telling as many people as possible to never visit until they do the right thing and remove this abhorrent merchandise from the site while taking every penny they've taken in heretofore and donating it a food pantry to help feed those for whom the current recession is no fucking joke.

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