Thursday, January 22, 2009

Air Guitar Strings

Ok, I know that quite a few of we Americans are gullible and have a habit of wasting our money on questionable products, from Enzyte to weight-loss remedies. This, however, sets a new standard for dumb.

You heard me correctly. Air. Guitar. Strings.

For those of not quite content to rock out with your invisible Stratocaster while sporting the white man overbite (you know you do it), you can become a charter member of the Tool Hall of Fame by purchasing your very own supply of air guitar strings.

In case you were curious, the package is completely empty. Nothing. Nada. Sin cuerdas. Pas de cordes de guitare. Keine Gitarre Saiten.
Worth $3 plus shipping? If you have that kind of money to waste, I'd like to talk to you about this little TARP fund that needs some help.

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