Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Will The Internet Stop on May 5?

No, this isn't a movie about how the Mayan calendar stopped on May 5 so therefore the Internet will stop working. The Mayans were good, but they didn't invent the Internet.

Al Gore invented the Internet.

But seriously, folks. There's some concern in techie circles that the planned May 5 transition of the 13 main DNS root servers to DNSSEC might blow something up. It's unlikely, although any change implementation introduces risk.

If you're an ISP running antique hardware or software, or if you use applications that make specific DNS calls, you could see some problems, which is a good reason to not do either of those things.

That said, I could be wrong, but I'm not worried. If the Internet stops working, you won't be able to send me scathing emails or come here and post angry comments.

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  1. 11 hours and 23 minutes left for the internets to stop working...my life would be some much easier...I'd love to take up pen, paper and stamp again...would slow down life a lot...


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