Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bobblespeak Translation of This Week with Jake Tapper

The Bobblespeak Translations version of This Week with Jake Tapper, with guests Tim Kaine of the DNC and Michael Steele of the RNC:

Tapper: Mike Steele your Senate nominee Rand Paul says the Civil Rights Act was great except for the desegregation

Steele: sure that was stupid - but he’s clarified it to say he doesn’t hate black people he just doesn’t want have to be around them if doesn’t want to

Tapper: Tim how can you lose now?

Kaine: well we’re Democrats so you never know

Tapper: good point

Kaine: forget the racism - Rand Paul says going after BP is un-American

Steele: well he’s right - it’s terrible to call BP nasty names

Tapper: that’s the new GOP motto - “Accidents Happen”?

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