Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Times Square Bomber Ineptitude

I've been scratching my head since Monday, wondering why it is that people are screaming about Miranda rights, Pakistani connections, and the rest.

The bomber dude used non-explosive fertilizer, fireworks, and an alarm clock that could have come from the local Duane Reade. He paid cash for the Pathfinder, left the VIN number on the engine block, and his cell phone was tracked from the skies as he made his way to the airport.

Like the underwear bomber, he failed spectacularly, and was captured not with torture, wiretaps, or trampling on the Constitution, but due to old-fashioned detective work.

He wasn't very good at this. New Yorkers should feel relieved. The rest of us need to move on.

We should all be reading The Incompetent Ninja.

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