Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glenn Beck Wants You To Have Fresh Corn Come The Global Apocalypse

First, they came for your tomatoes. Then they came for your sugar snap peas.

It's time to fight back. Glenn Beck wouldn't stretch to truth to make a buck, would he?

It seems that the crazy people now want to make some scratch by charging you $150 for some dirt and seeds, because when the fornicating gay marriage crowd succeeds in destroying our way of life, we're still gonna want some fresh vegetable soup to remove the bitter taste of lasciviousness from our pie holes.

The Survival Seed Bank is running ads on Beck's show, hoping to cash in on selling seeds to the bed-wetters who are afraid of - well - just about everything, it seems.

I'm a little unsure if Survival Seed Bank takes doubloons or Kruggerands, which could be a problem for Beck-watchers, since they would have traded all of their currency for gold by now.

Nice minimalist web site, too. Very GeoCities 1993.

Via BoingBoing

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