Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HCR before I FLY

It seemed a little odd to be munching a turkey sandwich in LaGuardia as President Obama signed health care reform into law today.

"Daddy, where were you when history was made?"

"Well, sonny, I was in terminal C in LaGuardia, downing smoked turkey and jalapeno slaw on a potato roll. "

Which means either I'll remember where I was, or I won't, but the memory of what occurred is forever imprinted. Today was a good day.

Perseverance is an under- valued quality, and based on a legacy of failure to get this accomplished after decades of attempts, it would have been easy to despair when it was darkest before the dawn. And it's unlikely that the battle is over. People tend to fight harder when they feel that they are cornered.

Health care reform strategy should never have been like a light switch flicking on. Too many interest groups and personalities were involved. A binary solution would fail like the rest.

What's transpired is reform by dimmer switch, where the bulb clicks on at a low wattage, and over time grows increasingly brighter as progress marches on, often so minimally that most don't notice or complain.

The light of reform is finally on, and with some luck and some leadership, the glow will begin to increase once our eyes adjust to the new viewpoint and we see it's not the end if the world, or government takeover.

It won't take away freedom. It won't make the riches poor. But it just might relieve a little suffering in this country, and that's an aspirational goal that I'm happy to defend.

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