Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Most Adulterous Professions

Any survey conducted by - a site designed for those looking to cheat on their significant others - must skew well outside the bell curve, just because of the audience.

1.9 million accounts exist on Holy infidelity, Batman! That's a lot of people with a proclivity toward perfidiousness.

Of course, these two-timing tools think it's a good idea to put their information into a centralized database that can be subject to, oh, I don't know, subpoena and discovery proceedings? How bright can they be?

Anyway, a check of the underlying data reveals certain professions are more likely to dabble in sexual duplicity than others.

For Women:
1. Teachers
2. Stay-at-home Moms
3. Nurses
4. Administrative Assistants
5. Real Estate Agents

For Men:
1. Physicians
2. Police Officers
3. Lawyers
4. Real Estate Agents
5. Engineers 

I find it interesting that real estate agents made both lists. What's up with that? And why aren't you stay at home moms playing coupon poker like they did on Mr. Mom?

Via BoingBoing

Image via fakedankaminsky's photostream on flickr

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