Monday, March 15, 2010

Readers - Help Me Pick A New Ride

The Skeptimist is due for a new ride, given that I've had the old Jeep Liberty for over six years. Heck, it's been paid off for almost 18 months. How un-American of me.

The dad-gum economy needs some stimulatin'.

But I'm torn between living la vida loca and getting what I want, and being sensible knowing that gas is headed back above $3 a gallon and I'd like to reserve some pocket change to be able to live it up once in awhile.

On the footloose side, I'm looking at an Infiniti G37x, a Cadillac CTS, or a Mercedes C Class AWD.

The practical me is thinking Ford Fusion or Escape, or maybe a Lexus IS 250 AWD.

I get about 17 mpg combined in the Jeep, using unleaded, and I'd like to improve on that. Seems silly to buy a vehicle that's not above 20 mpg, and that rules out quite a few on the old wish-list.

So, Gecko faithful, what recommendations do you have for me? Something sporty and with a modicum of power, AWD a plus, but also not a gasoline slurper.

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Image via Wikimedia Commons


  1. We know the skeptimst won't go all footloose and get that sweet sweet Mercedes...let the skeptimiss get the infiniti you really need 2 of them on the worm covered drive? although it would be cute if they coordinated....anyways....go practical...more your style...hold out for the Chevy volt...what's more American than a really really crappy GM product??? Won't that thing get like 400 mpg?? Seriously?? the heck are you gonna hall that griswold lookin' pine each year with a car??
    I say....SACK UP and be a real man...get yourself a Ford F350 Super Dually....F'the only live once! And've got groceries and new IKEA furniture to haul!!

  2. I agree with Anonymous--Just make sure the "350" is Black, Chrome Stacks--Jack her up about a foot, and Chrome running boards--Ya Only live once--hahaha


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