Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Wants Their Penis To Look Like Dorothy The Dinosaur?

I've seen some strange condom designs in my time, but I've yet to meet a woman who believes she would squeal with delight if a dude whipped out some prehistoric prophylactic in preparation to demonstrating his skills as a formidable swordsman.

I could be completely off base here - I mean, some of the best selling sex toys for women are shaped like bunnies and dolphins, if you believe Adam & Eve. Still, you have to be pretty confident to ask your date if she wants to check out T-Rex.

I suppose the spines are textured for her pleasure, and not intended as a buzz saw to divide her clitoris into two parts.

Polly want a cracker? That's what she said.

Just Ordered Two Cases: Dinosaur Condoms, via Geekologie

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