Tuesday, October 27, 2009

KFC's Colonel Sanders Breaches UN Security

KFC's quest to make us all buy their damned Kentucky grilled chicken may eventually lead to civil unrest and thermonuclear war. You heard it here first.

It all started with the Oprah free chicken fiasco, where coupons offered for a grilled chicken lunch led to a run on the chicken bank and scores of disgruntled breast-and-thigh aficionados.

Oh, the humanity!

Apparently not content with stirring up the population one restaurant at a time, KFC sent an actor portraying venerable marketing object Harland "Colonel" Sanders to the United Nations headquarters in New York, where a sympathetic (and hungry?) UN security guard violated protocol by escorting the fake colonel through sensitive areas within the UN complex, culminating in a handshake photo-op with UN General Assembly president, Dr. Ali A. Treki of Libya.

UN representatives are downplaying the significance of the security breach, noting that since there was no official meeting with Treki scheduled, the UN isn't to blame. It's all the work of a single rogue security guard.

And the photo-op? Well, it's not really a photo-op, because the visit wasn't official, and besides, Dr. Treki is a polite man. What sort of world diplomat refuses a handshake from a kindly Kentucky gentleman?

World peace has never been closer.

Image via NationalPost.com

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