Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pew pew!

Remember when you were a kid playing shooting games with toy laser guns?

Typically, the sound effect of choice was something along the lines of "
Pew! Pew!" to mimic rounds fired from your Illudium Q36 Exploding Space Modulator! Good times.

Seems a Brazilian man held a 60 year old woman hostage for ten hours using nothing more than an old Sega Master System Light Phaser. Pew!

Apparently weary of playing Duck Hunt on an old 8-bit system, the dude pulled his Phaser when attempts to collect a debt from the woman got dicey. I'm guessing he met resistance even after repeating "Look at me. Look at me." over and over and over.

I've got to give him props, though. The Sega Light Phase is the Cadillac of toy light phasers.

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